California Alpine Club activities at our Alpine Lodge, Echo Summit Lodge, and Foundation all appear in this calendar. Use the color-coding to choose the events that interest you.

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Trail Crew South Parking Lot Use – Peter

Alpine Lodge

Mt. Tam Trail volunteers use the south parking for volutneers and equipment to stage while workign on trails below AL.   Peter Leaf

OneTam Retreat – Sue

Alpine Lodge

Sue Gardener   Arrival Date and time: June 20th around 9 a.m. Departure Date and time:  4 p.m. Main Hall and Kitchen (downstairs area) One Tam Community Engagement Retreat Numbers: 12 […]

Alpine Overnights – Nancy

Alpine Lodge

Nancy Carlisle will host a large group overnight.

Alpine Overnights

Alpine Lodge

Jana Shober - room in main lodge. (916) 690-1828

Alpine Overnight – Carolyn

Alpine Lodge

4pm arrival Th and 7:30am departure Friday. i emailed Nancy to see if ok w her/her group. tam bldg fine

Alpine Overnight – Boone

Alpine Lodge

Boone and 4 guests Boone White

Alpine Hosted Overnights

Crafting and Hiking Weekend! Host: Wendi Olmstead email: