CAC Centennial 1913-2013:
100 Years of People Making a Difference

The California Alpine Club is a community of people–people like you with passion, vision, and dedication, who come together with a sense of adventure to enjoy, support and celebrate our natural world.

Today, the CAC boasts four generations of active participation in pursuit of the purposes of the Club. The great-grand children of founding members, as well as many multi-generational family members, enjoy Club activities more than 100 years after their ancestors helped found the Club.

In 2013, California Alpine Club members celebrated, with friends and local community partners, the Club’s 100th anniversary! Throughout the year we staged historic hikes—in period dress; held banquets; rekindled old traditions; and ignited some new ones!  Read all about it in the CAC Centennial Trails edition.

What will the next 100 years look like?

The only limit is the imagination of members like you! Your work to invite new people to join, host events, or take on leadership will keep the club vibrant for the next 4 generations.

Thank you for being part of this extraordinary community­—onward to 2113!