California Alpine Club activities at our Alpine Lodge, Echo Summit Lodge, and Foundation all appear in this calendar. Use the color-coding to choose the events that interest you.

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If you are interested in joining the Club and fulfilling the work party requirement, please fill out the work party inquiry form and include the date you would like to attend.

Echo: Hosted Event – Richard & Gita

Echo Summit Lodge 9010 Johnson Pass Rd, Twin Bridges, CA, United States

Richard Thornton &           Gita Dunhill 237 Keller St, Petaluma, CA  9495 510-918-9001  

Alpine Contractor Work in Social Hall

John Boswell is the contractor working on the Social Hall Windows. He will be there working, letting himself in and out. Any questions call Wendi 707-478-9344

CAC DEI Meeting

Alpine Lodge

Anne Kirwan Tel: 415-290-6677 (cellphone)

Alpine Overnights for CAC St. Patrick’s Day Event

Alpine Lodge

Friday Overnight - Naula Caulfield baking pies with a friend Saturday TBD Anne Kirwan 4465 17th Street,  Apt. 4, San Francisco, CA 94114 Tel: 415-290-6677 (cellphone)

Echo: Hosted Event – Scott

Echo Summit Lodge 9010 Johnson Pass Rd, Twin Bridges, CA, United States

Scott Stoller 510-725-0159 210 Fairlawn Dr, Berkeley, CA 94708

CAC Board Meeting & St. Patricks Dinner – Anne K

Alpine Lodge

Chef arrives at 8am Nominations Committee 11:30-12pm Board meets 12pm-2pm. St. Patrick's Day Dinner hosted by Anne Kirwan Dinner by Chef Tim Warden