Alpine Lodge Scheduling Request

Once approved, your overnights at Alpine Lodge will be posted on the Alpine Lodge Calendar. Please include a brief description and your contact information. Members will contact you directly to sign-up and/or coordinate overnights when you are hosting. If you would like to organize and host an activity for members at Alpine Lodge (Hiker’s Weekend, Crafting Weekend, etc.) please submit this form three months in advance so that we can promote your event in TRAILS.

DID YOU CHECK YOUR DATES on the online calendar? If there is already an event scheduled, please contact the host to sign up for their overnights and/or coordinate use.

NOTE: You must be host trained to schedule day-use or overnights at Alpine Lodge.
NOTE: $200 deposit and Minimum Per-night Use Fees Apply. $360 (Fri & Sat) $310 Mid Week (Sun-Thurs)
Trustees will contact you if we need your assistance (ie deep clean a specific area, weeding, bring a truck to fill and do a dump run).